Still Playing School: June 2011

Singing in the Rain

A rain walk to explore water is a sensory treasure for children!  We didn't exactly sing in the rain but...

We did finally have the perfect summer rain where it was warm enough to go outside and explore.

To see how the water collects and cautiously start to follow its stream.

She splashed along the way to the discovery of the storm drain!

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Sensory Playdate

A toddler sensory play date was perfect when we had plans to go to the play ground, but it was going to be a wet day.  We started with ice, water, and chalk.

My friend Megan is a super creative momma who has two kiddos.  Her oldest and my E are pretty close in age so they always have fun together.  E seems to play more interactively with him than other children.  This encourages them both to try new things that the other might be doing!

Megan cooked two boxes of spaghetti noodles and put them in tub with some olive oil.  E was persistent in getting them out of the tub and onto the driveway.

So then we put her in the tub to get to work.  Please notice Megan's adorable six-month-old daughter in the background playing in the pool.  She makes me smile!

Out of the pool because she is NOT about to let him clean up the noodles she worked to hard to get out of the tub!

 This is her excited face!

I brought vanilla pudding and food coloring.  We mixed blue, red, and yellow and let the kids do the rest.

Starting to squish...

 Mixing colors.  We made purple.  Notice E is still using her painting technique from the water painting to color her toes!

 Tasty!  We definitely used all our senses playing on this day!


E's age: 18 months
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Painting with Water

Painting with water is a great alternative on the days we (I) just don't have the energy to fill the whole baby pool, change E into a swim diaper, and apply sunscreen.  We decided to paint the deck.

We experimented with painting in the sun versus the shade.

Then E realized it felt pretty nice if I painted her.

"Keep going..."

And finally, with her tongue out in concentration, she focused on the difficult task of painting her own hands and feet.


E's age: 18 months
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