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Project Organization: Meet Heidi Edwards

By Devany LeDrew | Labels:
When I contacted Heidi Edwards of Making More Time to discuss a potential review and giveaway, neither of us realized just how much collaboration was in our future.  After a couple (long and lovely) conversations, we've drafted out several ways that we plan to partner together.  I feel like this symbiotic friendship has breathed new life into my dream for Still Playing School to evolve.

Heidi has her Bachelor's in Psychology and her Master's in Labor Relations and Human Resource Management.  After over a decade of work in the field of HR, she felt a career shift coming on for multiple reasons.  She wanted more time for her family, particularly her son.  During the process of creating her lifestyle management business, Making More Time, she lost her mother-in-law and then her own mother in quick succession spanning two months.

While caring for her ailing mother and then through the process of grieving, Heidi's idea for the services provided by Making More Time clarified.  She wanted to be available for others who might be dealing with a similar situation.  Whether it be sitting with an ill loved one so that you can run errands or dealing with the errands for you, help at a time when you need it most can be priceless.

As we know all too well, families often need help with every day chores when they are fresh in their grief from losing a loved one.  Before and after we met and lost Violet, there were often days when the tasks of cooking dinner, doing dishes, and keeping up with laundry seemed so daunting.  Friends and family offered help, but other than gladly and gratefully accepting meals, it was too awkward and overwhelming to imagine letting someone I knew come into our home to help.  But if someone could have ordered a gift certificate from Making More Time for us back then?  That would have been the perfect scenario.  I would have had Heidi return our library books, take down decorations from Christmas, and address thank you notes after Violet's fundraiser (due to overwhelming, healing generosity, I had TONS of thank yous to write).  These small tasks were very stress inducing at the time since your abilities and energy levels change when you grieve, but your expectations of yourself stay the same.  I would have instead cuddled up with E more, allowed myself time to cry, and just breathe.

Anyone can make use of Making More Time's services, but I especially hope you will keep Heidi in mind as a gift for a couple with a new baby or someone who is heading towards the bittersweet, yet beautiful process of letting a much loved family member go.

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  1. Heidi is a gifted lady with a beautiful smile and a talent for improving people's lives by making everyday tasks less stressful. I am always impressed at how much better my household functions after Heidi has visited.