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Show & Tell: Blayne Burke of House of Burke

By Devany LeDrew | Labels:
Blayne writes at the blog House of Burke where she records the sensory activities, arts and crafts, and literacy activities that she does with her toddler son Kingston (who happens to look so much like baby D that Facebook tries to get me to tag Blayne in the pictures of my own son)!   

Welcome, Blayne!  How do we know each other?
We met each other via the KBN. We are blog buddies, bouncing ideas off of each other and giving each other support!

What's the most important thing readers should know about you?

The most important thing you should know about me, is I am a Mama before anything else! It is the best hat that I get to wear, and my little guy is my life. He is my inspiration for everything.

Who do you share your life with?
I share my life with my husband and high school sweetheart Todd, my redheaded spitfire toddler son Kingston, and my chihuahua Krull the Warrior King!

You inspire me because of your blog House of Burke. Can you talk a bit about what and why you write?

Aww thank you! I started House of Burke to document the activities and learning experiences that I share with my little one as well as family life. 

What was your blog like when it started? How have you gotten to where you are now?

When I first started, my blog was much like it is now, but with much worse writing! I started off writing about baby activities and as my son has grown, so has our readership and age target. 

Ideally,what do you picture your parenting (and blog) to be like in 5 years? 10 years? How do you plan to accomplish this?

In 5 years, I picture us having a couple more kids and that my blog will have evolved into an adventure in teaching different ages. I plan on homeschooling, and eventually would like to bring my readers activities and crafts for all ages and stages. In 10 years, I expect we will have just completed our family, and I am hoping to have taken the blog to the next level. I would love to open a children's boutique, sell my goods on Etsy, and share my products with my readers. I hope to have a large following, but still have plenty of time to spend with my family. I plan on accomplishing this by working slow and steady to create something that I am proud of!

What inspires you about blogging?

What inspires me to blog is first and foremost my son. I love capturing what we are doing and giving a peek into our life at that moment. Also, other blogging mamas inspire me to blog! Pinterest is chalk full of the ideas of fellow mama bloggers, and I swear I can get lost for hours on there dreaming up ideas to do with my little one. I love everything about coming up with creative fun to do and share on the blog.

What are your other passions?

 I have quite a few other passions! I LOVE cooking, and I can often be found in the kitchen whipping up something yummy for my family. I love experimenting and making recipes healthier for my toddler. I also love sewing. I have quite the craft room and if I had more time, I would love to dedicate more time to sewing and creating. I also love knitting, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, and walking!

What are your challenges?

My challenges usually center around exhaustion! My little guy isn't a very good sleeper, so I think finding the time and energy to get everything that I WANT to get done done is something I struggle with. I always have big plans, but struggle a bit with finding the time to get it all done. Staying on track and not procrastinating is definitely a blogging challenge I face!

What advice can you give our readers about parenting a toddler while blogging?
Parenting a toddler while blogging is sometimes like trying to walk in quicksand! I try to save my blogging time for nap times and night time, so that during the day I focus my full attention on my toddler and doing fun activities with him. It's definitely a balancing act, but my best advice is to let the blog be a peek into the fun that is your life, and not let it BE your life. My toddler (and sometimes my sleep!) come first!

Where can readers find you to learn more?

You can find me primarily at House of Burke as well as my Facebook page, my Pinterest, and my Google+!

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