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Show & Tell: Dyan Robson of And Next Comes L

By Devany LeDrew | Labels:
Dyan writes at the blog And Next Comes L.  I can hardly believe she's ONLY been writing a year because of all she's accomplished but this week she celebrates her first blogiversary! She was the final push I needed to finish converting our light table as well as the reason I joined the Kid Blogger Network.  Welcome Dyan!

How did we find each other?

I'm not 100% sure how we found each other, but I'm glad that we did!  You have filled my life with lots of laughs and lots of rainbows!  And I always think of you every single time I see or hear the word/name Violet.
What is the most important thing we should know about you?

Hmmm….tough question.  I guess that my family always comes first.  Always.

Who do you share your life with?

My husband, Josh, who is my high school sweetheart and my two sons, J and K.  I also have two extremely useless cats.

You inspire me because of your blog And Next Comes L.  What would you like to tell us about it?

Awwww!  That’s so sweet of you to say.

Well, I think first off, I have to talk about the name of my blog.  Most blogs in the kid niche have a blog name that includes something like learning, teaching, kids, playing, etc. in the title.  My name, however, is pretty unique.  I have always referred to my blog as my third child.  My sons are J and K.  So the running joke in my family is that my next child would have to have a name that begins with the letter L.  So that’s how And Next Comes L came to be!

Otherwise, my blog is a reflection of me and my day-to-day life with my boys.  You’ll find weird jokes, the occasional reference to movies or 90s TV shows, and all sorts of random things throughout my blog posts.  I have a strange sense of humor and a passion for music, crafts, and my kids, and I certainly hope that my personality comes across in my blog.

What was And Next Comes L like when it started?  How have you gotten to where you are now?

It was hideous.  Honestly.  I picked such an ugly theme and used my phone to take pictures.  The formatting was all wonky.  It was embarrassing, now that I look back.  However, I must have been doing something right because people still followed along and I continued to grow.

It’s hard to believe that in just a year my blog has grown like it has!  A lot of luck has played a role, including some amazing guest post opportunities in my early months, great features on some big link parties, and some shout-outs on Facebook from some really great bloggers.  I am also honored to be part of the Kid Blogger Network, which has allowed me to learn and grow as a blogger, as well as meet some pretty amazing people from all over the world.

More than luck is involved, obviously, as I do work extremely hard on growing my blog.  Basically, as soon as the boys are in bed, I am on the computer doing something blog related and it has been paying off.

Ideally, how do you see your blog in 5 years?  10 years?  How do you plan to accomplish this?

I have never seen my blog as something that I would be continuing in 5 or 10 years.  Yet, I bet that I will be still blogging at the point.  I truly love it and could see me doing it for a very long time.  However, I am unsure of what form my blog will take in another 5 or 10 years.  Ideally, I’d like to add more of my non-kid crafts and projects to the blog.  So I’m guessing that once all my kids are in school, the blog will be geared more towards my crafting obsession.  Good thing my blog name isn’t a niche specific one!

What inspires you about writing about teaching your children?

Honestly, my children do.  I love to see the world through their eyes and it’s an amazing feeling to document that on my blog.  I really hope they will look back at my blog when they’re older and appreciate all that went into it.

What are your other passions?

Music!  Particularly piano.  I teach piano part time and absolutely love it.  I also love to listen to all sorts of music.

What are your challenges?

The fact that a day only has 24 hours would be my biggest challenge.  Seriously.  I never have enough time.

Who else inspires you and why?

So many other bloggers inspire me because of their beautiful pictures and their creative activities. Browsing others’ ideas, often sparks loads of ideas for me to try.
My mom also inspires me.  She is easily one of the most creative people I know.

What advice can you give our readers about blogging?

Blogging is a lot of work, but so much fun and extremely rewarding.  For me, blogging is just one of my many creative outlets.  It gives me much needed adult conversation when I feel like I am up to my armpits in toys, dirty diapers, and unfolded laundry!

I also want to remind readers that behind every blog is a person.  A real human person.  I think many readers dissociate the two and feel that it's okay to be negative or sometimes just plain mean to bloggers.  So my advice, be kind.  If you don't like an activity, then feel free to disagree in a constructive way.  We bloggers have feelings too you know.

Where can readers find you to learn more (social media)?

Well, first they can browse my amazing blog at  Or they can connect with me on Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest.

I also co-founded The Ultimate Light Table Guide, which you can find on Pinterest, Google+, or Facebook.  So you’ll often find me there too!

Thanks so much, Dyan!  Happy blogiversary and many more!