This Week's Meals: March 11 - 17, 2013 | Still Playing School

This Week's Meals: March 11 - 17, 2013

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Monday - Steaks (on the grill - loving the warm weather!), cherry tomato asparagus salad
Tuesday - Chicken tenders, broccoli
Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs (E cooks), bacon (reserve some for Thursday's recipe), whole grain pancakes (already made & frozen)
Thursday - Strawberry balsamic pizza w/bacon on 1/2 (omitting chicken), corn
Friday - Sushi night
Saturday - Spaghetti with meatballs (make large batch and freeze), leftover veggies
Sunday - Ham steaks, brussels sprouts

Lunches - Assorted leftovers, quinoa salad w/pears, baby spinach, & chickpeas (substitute almonds for pecans, strawberry/spinach/almond salads
Desserts - Vanilla pudding for E, Almond cake (We didn't get around to this last week.)

What are you cooking this week?

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