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Baby Signing Time Class Review and Giveaway

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We loved signing with E when she was a baby, so when we were offered the chance to attend a Baby Signing Time preview class on the same day that we attended The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 at Om Pregnancy Center (more on this later) we jumped at the chance!

We started signing with E at 6 months and she signed back around 10 months, so I'm curious to see if starting earlier with D makes a difference.  I think it will also help that E is EXTREMELY interested in sign language right now (spelling our family names out with the alphabet) so she will be eager to help teach him!

At the preview class, the instructor Joyce Edmiston of Xpressive Handz, started with a helpful handout about the best (respectful) ways to communicate with her since she is deaf.  Wow, what a great way to put people at ease!

Joyce started teaching sign language when the teacher of her son's preschool class showed an interest in having her sign with the class.  She then taught his Kindergarten and first grade classes!  Since she had been signing with her son since he was born (with him signing back at 8 months) she fell naturally into that teacher role.

Now that she is certified to teach Signing Time, she lead the class on Saturday.  We learned the signs for "ball" and "bubbles" while playing with both.  Joyce had toys for us to explore in a relaxed environment, signing as we interacted.  D was laying on his belly and he rolled his first ball at the class by pushing it gently with his hand!

She also provided parents with a wealth of informational handouts!  I loved reading through "Raising a Confident Child" which was full of tips regarding how signing can prevent bullying.  I also had a special friend and her sweet daughter in mind as I read the packet about using "Signing Time with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum" so I'll be sure to pass that along.

Classes will be Saturdays in May.

Joyce is generously giving away two Baby Signing Time Parent Guides to our readers!  The guide contains tips about when to sign with your child to allow it to become a natural part of your day, how to use signs to enrich development, and a glossary of 100 signs to get you started!

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us how you plan to or already do sign with your baby.  Then, log in to Rafflecopter to record your entry and learn of other ways you can earn bonus entries!

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Xpressive Handz gave us a Parent Guide, but the opinions and enthusiasm are 100% our own!


  1. wonderful article. good luck joyce with your classes. I love that you are bringing communities together.

  2. Karen, I agree, Devany wrote a wonderful post! Thank you, Devany, and thank you, Karen, for your kind words if encouragement. - Joyce

  3. My rainbow is only 10 weeks old, but I'm looking forward to when we can start signing. I am just amazed watching other kids do it and can't wait until she's finally able to help me figure out exactly what she wants :)

  4. We've started signing with our baby Charlie, but haven't been as consistent as we should be, so I think the guide would be so helpful! We try to use milk, diaper, and all done.

  5. I've been signing some with Iza, but I haven't done a course or learned anything formally, so I would really love the opportunity to learn more! Iza's been signing "milk" and "more" for a couple of months now and is showing signs that she's ready to learn even more!