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The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

By Devany | Labels:
Baby D and I attended The Great Cloth Diaper Change at Om Pregnancy Center.  The annual event attempts to break the current world record for most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. 

We had 40 diapers changed at our location and 8,331 for the official record for 2013 worldwide, breaking the record set in 2012!  As part of the Guinness rules, Firefly Studios took a before and after photo.  You can click to enlarge and try to find baby D and me!

You can also see us a few times in this video by Ms. Diaper D:

 In addition to the change, Om Pregnancy Center was also hosting an Earth Day Fair with vendors and raffles.  Not only did we score lots of free stuff for participating in the change (Thanks to a Rockin' Green sample, I now know it really IS worthwhile.) but we also won a few raffles!

We will be returning to Om to pick up our prizes soon.  The hardest choice is when to go back because I want to make sure we take advantage of the parenting workshops and children's activities that they offer.  They truly have a unique way of bringing like minded families together in our community!

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Firefly Studios - Contact by email, Facebook, or Twitter!

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