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This Week's Meals - April 8 - 14

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I've noticed a few things since I've started to outline our weekly meal planning on here:

- One prepared meal lasts us a lot longer than I expect.  I need to write in at least one night of leftovers per week, if not more.  Some nights one of us can have leftovers and the others can make something simple (soup, breakfast for dinner, etc.)
- I shouldn't try to make more than one new Pinterest meal per week unless I can cook them ahead of time.
- I need to look at our calendar to see what we have scheduled in the evenings, but also what we are doing during the day to find time when I can prep, cook, and clean up without disrupting too much of our schedule.  I also want to have a "plan B" time in case the kids have a melt down during my first cooking attempt.  
- Freezer meals are amazing and save our evening week night sanity.  I enjoy my family so much more when I'm not frantically trying to cook, eat, clean up dinner, then start bed time routines.  I'm making a spreadsheet of these recipes and also meeting friends for a huge freezer meal cooking prep party today!  More on this later.
- Ditto for the crock pot.
- Freezer to crock pot meals?  Double AMAZING!
- I'm still searching for more vegetarian options.  Do you have any you love?  I don't like meat substitutes  just lots of veggies!
- We can all sit at the table now as a family.  That's pretty awesome!

Monday - Orange Beef Stew (make double and freeze one)
Tuesday - Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups (make extra and freeze in several portions)
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - Cranberry Chicken from the freezer, vegetable side
Friday - Scentsy Party - easy, quick meal for me & E, husband is solo (leftovers)
Saturday - Dinner out
Sunday - Homemade Fish Sticks (freeze some), vegetable side

Breakfast - Raspberry Beet Muffins, quinoa fruit salad

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