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A Rafflecopter Tutorial

By Devany | Labels:
We've been so fortunate to be hosting giveaways every other week (at least) for our readers (with more offers coming in) so I've been using Rafflecopter to maintain the entries.  I've received questions about how to use Rafflecopter, so I am writing this tutorial to help you enter each and every giveaway we host correctly!  Let's get started!

1.  The first thing you need to do is log in!  You can either click the blue Log in w/Facebook box or the Use Your Email box below that.  This is how Rafflecopter will let me know who you are and how to contact you when you win!  

2. You can see now that we're logged in because it says, "Hi, D!" (That's me!) above the green box on the right. Let's look at the other information that we can tell from the giveaway from this picture.  At the top left, there is a countdown to let us know how much time is remaining in the giveaway.  It ends in one day and 9 hours.  In the top center, we see how many entries the contest has so far.  170 entries so this is a popular giveaway!  Then on the top right, we see how many entries you have chosen out of how many are possible per person.  This let's you know that you can put your name in the "hat" for the drawing 8 times, but you haven't completed any of them yet.  You need to click the green +1 (which means that this activity counts as one entry for you) where it says "Click to Enter."  The task that you need to complete is listed to the left.  You must be a fan of Angel's Rainbow Bottoms on Facebook.

3.  Here is what comes up when you click on the green +1.  If you aren't a fan on Facebook yet, you'll need to click LIKE under Angel's Rainbow Bottoms.  If you are already a fan, it will look like it does above with the like button grayed out since we've already become a fan.  But you still have some work to do!  It is asking you for your Facebook name, if it is different then the one you've logged in with (mine would be since Rafflecopter knows me as D and my Facebook name is my actual first and last name).  Then you MUST click the green button where it says I'm a Fan!

The great advantage of using Rafflecopter is that it will simultaneously manage two things:  It will track all of the ways you've entered, but it will also verify for me, the giveaway host, that you have done what you said you would.

So, for example, let's say when I pick a winner, the entry where you liked Angel's Rainbow Bottoms on Facebook is what is drawn from the "hat."  Then, as a responsible giveaway host, I also need to go and check to make sure that you ARE in fact, a fan of Angel's Rainbow Bottoms on Facebook.  That's why I need your Facebook name.

4.  You've now completed the mandatory entry (liking Angel's Rainbow Bottoms on Facebook) which has unlocked seven more ways for you to enter the same giveaway!  You can see at the top right that you've completed 1/8 of the potential entries so far.  Your other choices are listed here as well as how many entries they are worth to the right.  First, you can Leave a Blog Post Comment for +3 entries.  You can also share this giveaway on Facebook, Like Still Playing School on Facebook, Tweet about the Giveaway, or Follow us on Twitter.  You can stop now or you can do a few more of these activities to increase your odds of winning. We'll look closer at some of these other options.  

5.  You probably want to leave a blog post comment since that will get you the most entries, right?  You will click the +3 next to that choice and this text box will pop up.  It tells you specifically what we would like you to comment on.  For this giveaway, we'd like to know what kind of custom diaper you'd be interested in ordering.  You will click the green box that says I Commented!  WAIT!  Don't forget, you still need to go comment on the blog post.  Let's do that together.

6.  You need to scroll alllllll the way to the bottom of the post to leave a comment.  You can choose many options from the drop down box shown above.  If you have a Google account and you're signed in, that will be easiest.  You can also choose Name/URL to manual input your name for your comment.  Regardless of which way you choose, make sure you DO leave a comment using a name that I can identify you with when I'm verifying entries (anonymous is not a good idea)!  When you are done commenting, you can scroll back up to the Rafflecopter again to enter in more ways.  

7.  The last entry we'll look at together is Tweet about the Giveaway.  If you click the Tweet button (next to the number 8 which means 8 people have done this already) a tweet that I've already written about the entry will come up.  After you've tweeted, you'll have to paste in the tweet URL and Rafflecopter offers a handy tutorial about how to do that where the link says How do I find it? 

8.  To summarize, the most important thing you need to know about Rafflecopter is that you not only have to log in and let Rafflecopter know which actions you are choosing to complete to enter (by commenting, liking on Facebook, tweeting) but you also MUST then remember to go complete those actions, too.  If you don't and you are chosen to win, I won't be able to verify your entry and I'll be forced to choose a different winner.  That's just sad for both of us, isn't it?  

One last small detail about Rafflecopter: It allows me to add additional entries as the giveaway host.  That means when I occasionally offer my Facebook fans extra entries for a future giveaway (for taking a survey, proofreading a post for me, etc.) I can then manual enter them myself (which is why you should LIKE us on Facebook).  I can also delete entries that don't make sense (like if someone accidentally comments anonymously, or the entries I demoed to show you this tutorial, since I'm not going to win my own giveaway, of course)!

Any further questions?

Psst, now that you've learned all about Rafflecopter, you can enter one we're currently running only for our Facebook fans here!

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