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Cloth Diapering: A Tutorial on Prepping Hemp Inserts

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When we decided to start cloth diapering with mostly pocket diapers, part of the draw for me was being able to change what we stuff them with to increase absorbency at night and nap times.  Besides the microfiber inserts that the Charlie Bananas come with, we tried Babykicks hemp inserts

We bought a set in both medium and large.  Keep in mind that hemp will shrink significantly once prepped and washed.

The great thing about these inserts, as someone on a message board pointed out, is that while two are sewn together, if you'd like to you can carefully seam rip them apart.  So much more stuffing versatility!  

Hemp needs to be boiled (or washed separately several times in hot water and dried completely in between washes) to remove all the oils before use.  

Boil a large pot of water and add a squirt of Dawn dish soap.  

Add your hemp inserts and stir occasionally.  (If you have a gas stove, be sure not to let the water boil over or splash out.  Since it will contain oils from the hemp, it is flammable!)  I boiled mine for about 30 minutes.  Some people rinse and boil again, but I boiled once, dried in the dryer, then washed them solo once in hot water and dried again before using.

After the hemp is prepped, you can wash them with your regular diaper laundry.  I hang them with the rest of our diaper stash, but then I usually throw them in the dryer for a bit, too, because they get very stiff when they air dry.  

While I initially used the hemp only for naps and at night, I am starting to transition to using at least one hemp insert for day time diapers, as well.  We have an order in with Angel's Rainbow Bottoms for more night time absorbency solutions!  

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