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What We've Been Cooking

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Our CSA started in mid-April, so my only excuse for missing updating meal planning weeks is that I've been planning around the seasonal crops that we get.  Since we pick up the produce on Wednesdays, it makes it trickier to meal plan on Sundays.  I am changing this week to a "what we ate" summary to see how that works out.

The good news is I have still been making dinner regularly, using our crock pot more and freezer cooking.  It's truly become a habit to double or triple meals that I'm prepping, then freeze the extras.  I was so thankful for these meals when we all came down with allergies and colds the for a week!

What we've cooked recently:

Coconut Oil Peanut Butter Cookies - My husband loved these!  They were soft and moist from the oven because of the coconut oil and they stayed that way!  .

Creamy Asparagus Pasta - This was so good that I was grateful I had frozen half of it immediately for another night or I would have finished all the leftovers later the same day!

Freezer Pork Recipes - I bought a nine pack of pork chops on sale.  I breaded half, frying three of them immediately.  We all loved them!  I froze the other two and used the rest of the pack to make the brown sugar pork chops to freeze.  We'll end up getting four meals out of that pack.  I'll let you know how both recipes turn out after the freezer once we try them.

Kale & Sweet Potato Soup - Spicy, but good.  We all liked this soup.  This was a great way to use our CSA kale.

Fresh Spinach Dip - This delicious recipe was much better than the mix that comes in a package (and better for us).  Paired with fresh sauteed spinach, it was great on crackers!

What are you cooking this week?  Have you joined a CSA?  Are you using local, fresh produce in your meals?

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