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Weekday Vegetarian

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We recently watched a Ted Talk featuring Graham Hill speaking about the environmental benefits of being a weekday vegetarian.  Compounded with the health benefits of eating less meat plus the abundance of fresh produce from our CSA and local farmer's markets, we decided to try it this past week.  It's so much less daunting because you rationalize that you can and will have meat again, just not as often as you did before.  I really appreciate the parameters of the week as well as the creativity it's inspiring when meal planning.

I didn't miss meat at all.  Mr. SPS said he didn't notice either, which is a bit more impressive.  We can still have it for lunch of course, but I think I only did once.  I haven't had a craving yet this weekend, either!

I realized that I had been planning our meals centering around meat because of cultural tradition and habit.  This week our menus included the following:

Monday - Hummus, avocado, red onion pizza I did crisp up the store bought crust in the oven before adding the toppings, but the recipe is supposed to be no bake and perfect for hot summer days.  I left a few slices avocado and onion free at E's request and I added shredded mozzarella.  I will re-do this hummus pizza idea frequently with different flavors of hummus, changing the veggies to use up what we have on hand.

Tuesday - Vegan Carrot Soup I omitted the matzo balls.  Mr. SPS said this was so delicious that we could go vegan.  I explained that I didn't want to, but he exclaimed again that we COULD because it was THAT GOOD.  Okay, I'll make it regularly!  I love the illustration style and recipes at The Vegan Stoner and will be following this blog now.

Wednesday - Asparagus Pasta, again.  It just needs to be a regular when the asparagus is in season.  E loves it!

Thursday - Corn and Tomato Salad -  I boiled 3 ears of corn and cut it off the cob.  I added a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, a couple of sliced scallions, balsamic glaze, olive oil, and a bit of garlic.

Friday -  Leftovers and Tapas

If we continue to do this, I think it'd be helpful to plan a pizza, a soup, a salad, and a pasta each week.  It would also be helpful if I ever took pictures of these meals to make these posts more appealing (so sorry about that).   I grocery shop on Monday and pick up our CSA share on Wednesday, but by Friday I will probably need to visit a market again.

What are your favorite vegetarian recipes?  (FWIW, we don't usually like fake meat or meat replacements, but I'd like to try cooking tofu.)


  1. Yum, this is how I prefer to eat but a picky meat & potatoes eating hubby prevents me from cooking totally meatless (though I do plan at least a night or 2 without and often will eat differently than him). I have quinoa & black bean stuffed pepper recipe the kids & I love http://treasuringlifesblessings.blogspot.com/2012/09/mexican-stuffed-peppers-wquinoa-black.html

    Also, I've made a lasagna using zucchini instead of noodles & you could forgo the meat & just do a veggie one. (recipe on blog too)

    I could keep going with other ideas lol, but check out my one pinterest board as I have a bunch of meatless recipes on there, many of which I've tried & liked. http://pinterest.com/treasuringLB/recipes-food-ideas/

  2. Lots of my friends tell me their husbands are meat & potatoes guys. While Mr. SPS loves to eat like that, he is also very open to vegetarian and light meals, so I know just how fortunate I am!

    I LOVE quinoa! I will definitely try that! You always blog such great recipes!

    1. You are SOO lucky he is open to anything! It gets frustrating dealing with a picky hubby (it's due to his mom he's like that, grr). Thank goodness my kids will eat anything & everything!

      And thanks, I have an obsession with trying new things & cooking. :)