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It Works! Facial Wrap Review & Giveaway with Natural Fit Mommy, Delia

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August is going to be the month of momma pampering reviews and giveaways!  Usually on the list of priorities around here, my self-care finishes last.  If I am showered and my hair is combed, it's a good day! This luxurious routine will be a welcomed change during a stressful month.

Delia of Natural Fit Mommy suggested a facial applicator wrap for me to hydrate and tone.  I looked forward to the opportunity to revitalize my skin without having to try to schedule time out of the house and away from my family.  

I started by washing with my typical cleanser then applying the wrap.  It was easy to put on myself since it contoured to my face.  I even put my glasses back on during the 45 minute application while the wrap worked it's magic.

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D didn't seem to mind my change in appearance with the wrap on, but E came upstairs after and stopped in her tracks, hesitant.  I explained that the lotion in the wrap would make my skin beautiful and she asked, "After it make you beautiful, then you take it off?"  I hope she likes the result better than the process!  Take my advice as a great excuse for a break and apply after the kids are in bed during a bubble bath to avoid inquisitive looks!

The wrap wasn't tight, itchy, or uncomfortable to wear like most facial masks.  If it weren't for the light, pleasant smell of the lotion, I would have forgotten it was on.  Containing aloe, lavender, and green tea leaf extract, the spa like experience was calming while applied.

After removing the wrap, I smoothed the remaining lotion left on my face into my skin.  It felt silky smooth and looked great, but the best results were the next day when I went to apply my (minimal) makeup.  I really did notice an improvement in my skin tone and hydration due to the wrap the night before!

Delia has generously offered one lucky reader their own chance to try an It Works! Facial Wrap.  You can enter by leaving a blog post comment about which product you'd like to try after you check out her website. She is an expert in detox products, body wraps, and much more!

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I received a facial wrap applicator for writing this review, but as always, all thoughts and enthusiasm are 100% my own!


  1. How cool! I have been thinking to myself lately, "why do I still look like a hormonal teen some days!" with my face breaking out and oily! I too have no real time to pamper myself. What an awesome product ;)

  2. The body wraps for sure, but the facial wrap sounds interesting too! :)