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Plum Salon & Spa with Makes Scents

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What mom doesn't wish occasionally daily for a few several hours away to be pampered and relax in silence?  Though Central PA Bloggers, I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to spend a Saturday at Plum Salon & Spa sampling their services.   Located at Urban Place in historic downtown Lancaster, PA, Plum Salon & Spa is a full service salon and day spa.  It is the perfect place to escape with a few friends (or alone, as I did) to completely de-stress. 

Pictures are dim due to relaxing, low lighting!
Meeting with owner Ryan Benner was a pleasure.  Easy to talk to and professional, he set the tone for my whole visit by telling me about the salon.  One of the most interesting details was their dedication to sustainability.  Together with his wife, Lani, Ryan has created an elegant and modern business with a strong, moral foundation.

On the day that I visited, Plum was buzzing with the excitement of several bridal parties, yet the atmosphere remained relaxed.  I was never once overlooked as the staff checked in with me regularly while still allowing for the leisurely opportunity to enjoy the day spa to its fullest.  I started by changing into a robe before my massage in the private changing area complete with shower and any products needed freshen up before or after your services.


During my massage, Danielle was extra talented at working out knots (of which I had several).  I felt like I was melting as I relaxed.  I completely zoned out which is a rare treat for me as my mind almost never stops!  Danielle used Makes Scents Champagne Mimosa Body Scrub and Body Butter which smelled divine!  They felt even better being luxurious, handmade, and all natural!

Between my massage and my manicure, Plum provided me with brunch from The Baker's Table next door.  

Next up was my deluxe manicure with Nia.  I made sure to tell Ryan on the way out that she was a delight!  My nails looked great plus she was so fun and easy to talk to during the treatment.  She also used Makes Scents Body Scrub and Body Butter.  Makes Scents gifted me with my own jars of each product to take home along with my personal favorite, a Champagne Mimosa bath ball bon bon!

You can learn a bit more about Makes Scents founders, Heather and Nathan, another entrepreneurial and their products in this short video:

I loved their display at Plum and their products so much that I asked Heather if she would give one lucky reader the body scrub and body butter to try themselves.  She generously agreed, so you can enter to win below!

My day with Plum Salon & Spa and Makes Scents couldn't have been more indulgent.  I thank both of these local, family run companies for their generosity and for allowing me to share their unique stories! 

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I received Plum's services and the Makes Scents products at a discounted price in exchange for this review. 


  1. So Jealous! Sounds fabulous. And much deserved by you, in my opinion! Everything seems so wonderful, i think I'd choose the Apple spice body scrub.

  2. I've been hearing about their products for a while and they sound fantastic. Those two are perfect to try now with the cold weather ahead!

  3. I'd love to try Relax Pure Massage & Body Oil ! I am in need of a new massage oil