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Rockabye Baby Review & Giveaway

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I've been a fan of Rockabye Baby music since before I had children of my own.  Shortly after the company started back in 2006, I would purchase their lullaby renditions of my favorite rock bands (like The Eagles) to play in my kindergarten classroom.

The soothing melodies were the perfect background music during our writing workshop.  My kindergarteners never knew that I was singing along to The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever in my head as I checked their journals.  I didn't have to listen to kid targeted music that I didn't love!  The songs are familiar to any fans of the bands, but if you don't know the music they are still soothing, lyric-less lullabies.

As soon as E started sleeping in her own bedroom, she had music playing for naps and at night.  I dug out my Rockabye Baby CDs again to indoctrinate introduce her to amazing artists at a young age.  She sleeps to the best classic and alternative rock so the songs will be familiar to her when I play the original versions for her in a decade or so.

Rockabye Baby sent us four new albums to add to our collection!  We received Elton John, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, and Silverchair. We've been listening to these in the car (I love Yo Gabba Gabba, but there is only so many repetitions that this momma can take.) where E sometimes catches me adding in the lyrics when singing along!

Isn't the teddy bear cover art adorable, too?

Search your favorite bands and artists on their website to listen to some samples of the lullaby versions of your favorite songs. Be sure to check out the clever written lyric infused details above the sample music! You can create a wishlist for yourself (and your kids, too, of course)

You won't be disappointed by their selection of more than 50 albums as they are always adding new music. Follow Rockabye Baby on Facebook for news on their latest releases!  You'll definitely want to include one  as a baby shower gift if you know the parents' musical tastes or get a digital download gift card for them if you don't!

Rockabye Baby is generously offering to give away the same four albums we received to one lucky reader. Enter to win using the Rafflecopter below!

We received four albums for this review, but all opinions and enthusiasm are 100% are own!
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  1. How cool! I looked at getting a DMB one, but never did. I think Jason would like the JayZ one ;) I think I'd be most excited for the elton john. what a great giveaway.

  2. We had several of these for McCartney--they are awesome! I would love to let her hear the Michael Jackson one since she currently loves listening to "The Moonwalk" :)

  3. probably looking fwd to Michael Jackson and Elton John

  4. Oh goodness what an amazing giveaway!! Definitely the Elton John!! :)

  5. I must admit I would love to hear Jay-Z's songs turned into a lullaby!

  6. We rotate between Nirvana and Led Zeppelin for bed time. These would be great to add to the rotation!

  7. I remember thinking how cool this was when Archer was a baby. I actually forgot about them! I want some for Willow now! I would love Elton John & Silverchair.

  8. We have the Foo Fighter's album and that is my favorite. I really want the Queen one but out of the 4 listed MJ would be awesome! Rockabye Baby is so great!

  9. I'm expecting in December and would love to listen to the Elton John album with my little one. Thanks for the chance to win

  10. I admit I think I'd go for Jay Z or Michael Jackson. What a neat idea turning these songs into lullabies, never heard of this company before.