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Tips for Supporting Your Favorite Blogs and Small Businesses Through Social Media

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You've already liked your favorite blogs and small businesses through social media.  Did you know there is a lot more you can do that won't cost you a penny but will be the equivalent to free advertising for your favorite blogs and other small businesses?  Here are some ideas!


Facebook might be the most popular and user friendly social media platform but they are making it tricky for blogs and small businesses to get their content out to you.

Like and FOLLOW the Facebook Page
Have you noticed that you are missing most of what your favorite pages post?  In addition to liking your favorite pages you need to go to their Facebook page, hover over where you have already LIKED them, and choose Get Notifications.  This will allow you to be notified of their updates in your feed.
Like Their Statuses, Links, and Photos
To remind Facebook that you do still want to see this page's content in your feed you will need to LIKE every status, link, and photo you see by them.  Otherwise inactivity from you on their content leads Facebook to weed them out of your feed.

Comment on Their Content
Comments hold even more weight than likes.  Your reader interaction is a great way for their Facebook page to reach more people (who are new potential fans and customers)!  Answer the questions the company asks, tag your friends in posts you think they might be interested in (just type an @ symbol and their name in the comments section), and check back later to see what other readers have added to the conversation. Most blogs and businesses are cultivating their Facebook fan page to be a community of resources for you so interaction is vital.

Sharing is Caring
Sharing content is the number one best thing you can do to help a blog or small business!  It allows posts to reach the most people.

Interact with the Facebook Page 
I sometimes reshare my own content through my personal profile to reach my friends and family.  While likes on that post are kind, clicking through to the post on my blog's Facebook page will help me the most!  If you are personal friends with someone on Facebook be sure to like, follow, and interact with their business page!

Tag Us
If you write about us in a post, share our products, or do one of our activities, type the @ symbol before our Facebook page name to tag us in your post!  You can also post your photos and comments right to our Facebook page!

Follow, Pin, Repin, and Send Pins
Pin the content you love from your favorite blogs, repin their posts on Pinterest to reach more people, and send pins to anyone who might be particularly interested!  To send a pin to someone, just click send right beside the Pin It button!


Follow, Favorite, Retweet, and Reply
Just like with the other social media platforms by following your favorite blogs and businesses on Twitter you can share your favorite posts with others by retweeting and replying!


Follow, Like, and Comment
I post pictures on my Instagram that don't make it into posts so for us it's a fun, more personal way to see behind the scenes of your favorite blogs and businesses.  Again, interaction is your best support!


Join, +1, Comment, Share
Google+ is still growing so if you aren't on already you should definitely check it out.  It's easy to pick up as the platform is similar to Facebook but you'll see all of the posts of the blogs and businesses you follow without as much work!  +1 is the same as liking on Facebook.  I promise you'll catch on quickly!  

Do you have any additional tips for helping your favorite businesses and blogs through social media?  We can't do what we do without you and your support!  Thank you!

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  1. great tips, thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is so helpful for a "newbie"blogger like me! Thank you!!