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Barefoot Books Review

Our favorite board books for toddlers are Barefoot Books! We have several of their stories that are read multiple times per day at our house!

We discovered Barefoot Books through Carol Anne Friesen. You can follow all of Carol Anne's ventures at Welcome Little Ones! She gifted our toddler D with the book Bear's Birthday when he turned one! Throughout the book Bear's balloons are disappearing. As the story unfolds children count backwards from 10 and solve the mystery of the decreasing balloons!

Both of our kids loved our first Barefoot Book so much that we decided to get several more titles for them! We ordered Zoe and her Zebra, How Loud is a Lion, and I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur. These titles are our absolute favorites because the embroidered felt illustrations are gorgeous! In How Loud is a Lion your child will find part of the lion hiding on each page! In Zoe and her Zebra each child's name begins with a letter of the alphabet and they are paired with an animal whose name begins with the same letter!

We own the board book versions of these titles (which seem to be no longer available online). I highly recommend any of the Barefoot Books titles as board books since they stand up to our toddler. He has loved other board books to a demolished state but our Barefoot Books are still in excellent condition six months later!

Carol Anne generously provided us with a flash giveaway of three board books including Nursery Rhymes, Action Rhymes, and Farmyard Rhymes on our Facebook page a few weeks ago! (Be sure to follow us there so you don't miss out on any future flash giveaways!) Our giveaway winner is 9 months old so he is thoroughly enjoying his prizes and his grandmother was so thrilled with the books that she already ordered him more!

In addition to our toddler collection we also own Over in the Meadow which includes a CD with an animated video and audio singalong! We included Hoot Owl Hoot in our list of the Top Ten Board Games for Ages Five and Under because we love the collaborative game play!

We did not receive any compensation for writing this review! All enthusiasm and recommendations are 100% our own!

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