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Blogging: Three Years In

By Devany | Labels:
Three years ago today I decided on the name Still Playing School, settled into a tiny corner of the internet, and wrote my very first post about how I entertained my (then) toddler by inviting her to paint with water. What else has happened in the past three years?

I wrote exactly five posts on activities I was doing with my first daughter before we went to the 20 week ultrasound for our pregnancy with our second daughter Violet. We found out she had a fatal chromosome abnormality called Trisomy 13. With her diagnosis the world dropped out from under us and my writing transferred over to medical updates on my pregnancy for friends and family.

Violet was born and died in early November 2011. Her life, while brief, changed us all forever. It also changed the course of my writing.

In early 2012 I revived the blog to encompass our grieving journey. I met other bereaved mothers, continued to homeschool my preschooler E, and got pregnant with our rainbow baby D.

In 2013 I began collaborating with grieving mothers to be a collective voice of the baby loss community through publications like the poetry collection to linger on hot coals and my WITF blog The Beauty of the Bereaved. I furthered my partnership with other early childhood education bloggers by joining the Kid Blogger Network. I wrote about our life as we survived the grief of losing Violet and found joy in raising our two other children.

In 2014 we celebrate our 3rd year of writing, growing, playing, learning, and remembering. It's all here in black and white: play based educational activities, grief, survival, and life. I am celebrating our blogiversary at iRetreat 2014 which is the perfect way to reflect on where SPS came from and where it is headed.

Our oldest daughter E inspired this blog, Violet transformed it, and our rainbow baby D solidified it. Still Playing School is about and for my children and fueled by my love for them. It is the one place where I can mother all three of them together.

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  1. Congrats on 3 years blogging! What a beautiful post - I look forward to many more! :)