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DIY Stuffed Animal Puppet

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It took minutes to make our preschooler's favorite stuffed animal into a dancing puppet but watching the delight on my daughter's face as her best friend began to dance was priceless!

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Cowie is E's very loved stuffed animal with her own personality. She is practically another member of our family! 

We jumped at the chance to review the 101 Kids Activities written by the blogging mommy geniuses from Kids Activities Blog! I read the Stuffed Animal Marionette activity to E explaining that it was temporary. She gets very nervous even when Cowie needs a bath but once I promised that Cowie would remain unharmed she was excited to make her dance!

We adapted the activity by using only one ruler to tie ribbons to Cowie's hands on each side and her head in the middle. There were less strings to get tangled this way but  an older child would enjoy the challenge of a traditional marionette. Once Cowie came to life E insisted she have a dance recital!

Presenting Cowie:

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