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Quinoa Fruit Salad Recipe

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Fruit is always a hit with our kids but mixing in quinoa adds protein plus an interesting texture. We love this quinoa fruit salad recipe so this time I invited our daughter into the kitchen for our latest Cooking with Kids post! 

This healthy Quinoa Fruit Salad recipe is great to make with and for kids!

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Have you ever tried quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah)? It's a grain that you cook like rice but it's higher in protein. I'm always trying to increase the healthy protein in my kids' diets!

Our daughter E is motivated by helping in the kitchen when she can cook on the stovetop. I boiled a cup of water with a cup of fruit juice just to sweeten the quinoa a bit since it was going into a fruit salad. You could also use two cups of water. She added in the quinoa once the liquid was boiling. We stirred, lowered the temperature, and covered the pot. The quinoa simmered and absorbed the liquid for 15 minutes while we chopped our fruit. 

I want our homeschooling writing opportunities to be authentic so I asked E to make a quick list of the fruits she'd like in her fruit salad recipe. We've been discussing how you can find words you aren't sure how to spell in your environment. Can you tell she saw the word pineapple on a can in our pantry? 

She's becoming quite the pro at chopping up ingredients with her kid safe knife! I asked her to cut the fruit into bite sized pieces.

We added a whole can of pineapple including the juice. We just allow the quinoa to be dressed with the fruit juices (sometimes we add a can of mandarin oranges) but you could also make a dressing with lemon juice, honey, or any sweeteners you like! 

Finally we added the cooled quinoa. It seems like the grain continues to absorb liquid as the salad is stored in the refrigerator so I always error on the side of too much juice. 

Serve immediately and chill any leftovers! This is a fantastic breakfast recipe! Yum!
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  1. I've never thought of making quinoa in a fruit salad! What a yummy idea!