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How to Make a Birthday Extra Special

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Our daughter's birthday falls during the holidays which can be a very tricky time of the year for party planning. It's an ongoing struggle to find ways to make her celebration extra special but this year we succeeded with flying colors! I'm excited to share that it was the most stress free party we've ever hosted, too. 

How to make a birthday extra special without added stress!

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This year, I told her she'd need to wait until after the new year for her birthday party. She was disappointed but tried hard to accept this fact. Between two December birthdays (Yes, she and D are both born in December) and the holidays, it was just too much going on for the whole month to plan two parties as well. Yet it hurt my heart to disappoint my Christmas baby during the most magical time of the year. We brought her home from the hospital ON Christmas Day so as we put up the tree I am always swept back to bringing home my most wonderful present of all, my first born. This year she was turning six and I was asking her to wait to celebrate. 

Then, we got an offer to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese's. Could we do it? Could we throw together a birthday party for her at the last minute and still have the celebration be special enough to satisfy our six year old and her closest friends without adding too much more to my already overloaded plate? We were sure going to try! 

It turns out that both the details of the party and hosting it couldn't be simpler that this one with the help of my new best friend and party planner, Chuck E. Cheese himself! I jumped online and scheduled a date, time, and location. Everything else, and I do mean everything, from the food, the decorations, the goodie bags, the entertainment, even the cake, was all taken care of by Chuck E. Cheese's. I sighed with relief as all I needed to do was show up with the birthday girl. But would the party live up to her expectations?

When we arrived, our table was decorated and waiting for us. They sat our party up near the Ticket Blaster (more on that amazing excitement soon) and close enough to the stage that the birthday girl felt like a superstar arriving at her event! She couldn't believe this was all ready and happening for her and her friends. 

As her guests arrived, she greeted each of them with their own goodie bag which contained tokens so the kids ran off to spend time together. I met with our personal party planner who was outstanding at ensuring that even last detail went smoothly from when we wanted the pizza to come out to what drinks the kids would like with their meal! He worked on all of these tasks behind the scenes as we enjoyed watching the kids play. 

If we had hosted a party at home, I would be stressed with what activities would entertain the kids, how long I could hold their attention, and what condition my house might be in when they all cleared out! At Chuck E. Cheese's, they ran, played, sang, climbed, and laughed to their hearts' content without me having to worry about anything except taking pictures of how happy they all were together! It's honestly the first party she's had where I wasn't off setting out food, checking on supplies, and arranging the decorations until the very last guest arrived. I was enjoying this as much as the kids!

Speaking of food, have you ever had Chuck E. Cheese's pizza? It's like movie theater popcorn in that sometimes you don't have a reason to go to the movies, but you still want to go just to get the popcorn. You can't enter Chuck E. Cheese's without a child for safety reasons, but it would be where I would want to go for pizza whether I had the kids with me or not! It's that good. Chuck E. Cheese's Thin + Crispy Pepperoni Pizza recently beat Pizza Hut in a national taste test and I promise you that you can taste why!

This was the only time the kids stopped moving the whole night. 

Our birthday girl was also offered a chance to choose a friend for a trip inside the infamous Ticket Blaster! Now E is a cautious child, and when I told her about this opportunity before the party, the first thing she said was, "What if a ticket flies into my eye?" Oh, she is such her father's daughter! But all of her worries were unfounded when our party planner calmly reassured her and showed her the goggles she could wear as she caught as many tickets as possibly with her best friend for 30 seconds. Then she was all excitement and glee again!

The grand finale of the night was when Chuck E. Cheese himself came out to sing happy birthday to our girl himself! He took pictures with all the kids, high fived everyone, and celebrated with us in style. Have you ever seen a mouse decked out in a Santa hat and adorable red sneakers? D was so intrigued by these big shoes and he even petted Chuck E. Cheese right on the nose! 

Finally, Chuck E. Cheese motioned for a picture with me! It was so nice to step out from behind the camera for a minute and when we got home I saw that my smile speaks for itself. It shows a relaxed mom who celebrated her daughter's Christmas birthday without stress all because Chuck E. Cheese is an amazing party planner and host. Thank you, Chuck E. Cheese!

Please comment below to tell me which part of this party your kids would love most! I will also forward any birthday wishes on to Miss Six Year Old E personally, too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese's. The opinions and text are all mine.

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