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Smoothie Popsicles

No matter what time of year it is, regardless of the weather, our kids love popsicles. On cold winter days they eat them in the tub which saves me from wiping up any drips. On hot summer days they eat them anywhere and everywhere. I make popsicles a bit healthier and definitely more fun by creating smoothie ring pops!

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Can you believe we're already to the letter Y in our Cooking from A to Z series? Y is for yogurt which I use to make our smoothies, but really you can freeze any smoothie recipe your family loves. I use whatever we have frozen and in the fridge for our smoothie recipes. It varies each and every time but the kids love them regardless! I'm also including a few tips we have about making and freezing smoothies.

We began with a half cup of frozen berries. We picked these blackberries ourselves last summer and this is the last of them. You can use any frozen fruit you have or fresh fruit but then you'll want to add some ice cubes. 

Our daughter spooned in an entire container of cherry Chobani Greek yogurt and then topped the smoothie off with grape juice. When we have a banana available, I always add that in to make the smoothie frothy. We're out of bananas right now because D likes to pretend he's a monkey daily. 

Are you ready for my biggest tip and favorite way to make smoothies? My life was changed when we got an immersion blender. Now we make the smoothies in the exact same mixing cup that we drink them from (which also came with the blender) so there is no additional clean up. 

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I hated taking apart my regular blender to clean it. It was also really loud which my sensory sensitive kiddo dislikes. She can work this blender safely herself (with me monitoring her). It's also my favorite for blending up soup. Who wants to ladle soup into a regular blender to puree it? Not me and not you!

Our next tip is to invest in a really great set of popsicle molds. We've purchased the dollar store versions before and I can promise you that this set is worth the investment. It holds up well and we use it often. 
(Update: 7 years after I bought these and the molds are still holding up, minus the one that someone accidentally threw away.) It also provides great fine motor work for our kids to place the molds on the tray and then snap the ring part securely into the top before freezing. 

They can't get enough of these smoothie popsicles and I love that they are getting protein rich yogurt, fruit, and 100% juice with no added sugar! Sometimes I even sneak in a bit of ground flax seed! What do you love in your smoothies?

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  1. These look so good. And my kids would love the ring pop molds!!

  2. My kids go bonkers for smoothies!! AND I think I need an immersion blender. I hate all the extra clean up too and my kids run and hide in the closet when I make one (mostly because they think it's funny, but still!)