Foot Print Bunny Craft

A foot print bunny craft can be made with a child of any age from infants on up! I love making simple hand and foot print crafts with each of my kids. It's fun to compare the size of the two rabbits!

I started by painting their feet with a bit of (washable) pink paint inside the brown. The only way D would stay still for this was in his high chair. He's much more ticklish than E who is a veteran at hand and foot print crafts! I also recommend having wipes nearby but E washes her feet off herself in the tub.

Overlap the toes at the bottom to form the bunny's face. We used Craft Project Ideas' wiggly eyes and drew on the other details. I love how D's rabbit looks like he's about to bolt!

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  1. They came out SO cute!! I love the picture of the little foot!