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Foam Stickers Process Art

We might be addicted to process art at our house! Our latest project is super simple using foam stickers and a rolling pin to create print making painting with the kids. There is a ton of fun fine motor work involved, too!

Foam stickers, a rolling pin, and paint create the perfect process art invitation for kids! I love how this art station is set up and provides lots of fine motor work!

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Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Name Puzzle Craft

Every kid loves The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. Once you've read this silly rhyming book to your children, personalized their own hat with this name puzzle craft!

After reading The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss kids can craft their own hat that spells their names!

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Chocolate Cocoa Writing Tray

Does anything smell better than chocolate? It can any task more fun! We decided to use a chocolate writing tray to practice spelling, math, and more. It was the most delicious sensory experience! Yum!

A chocolate writing tray is a delicious sensory experience for kids!

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Ice Alphabet

Ice letters are a great way to play while you explore the alphabet. They are the perfect sensory experience in the summer or winter! 

Kids learn letters while playing with an ice alphabet in preschool! This is perfect for winter or summer! I love how they adapted it for different ages!

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Sticky Ten Frames

We love to practice addition and subtraction math facts with ten frames. To add (pun intended) an extra bit of fun and vertical space practice, we created sticky ten frames! 

Practice fine motor skills and math facts with this vertical sticky ten frames activity for kids!

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Snow Printing Process Art for Kids

Whether you have snow this winter or want to make your own for this process art project, we'll show you how! We love how the snow prints turned out unique just like snowflakes! 

Snow print making is a fun winter process art project for kids!

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Top 10 Valentine's Day Sensory Bins

I love the colors of Valentine's Day but interesting sensory bin fillers can really invite kids to dig right into this festive holiday! We love these top ten Valentine's Day themes sensory bins!

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