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Foam Blocks in Water

Our kids love any sensory play invitation that involves water! Foam blocks are so fantastic in water because they float and the water acts as a glue making them stick to each other and vertical surfaces. We thought of so many learning activities with these two simple materials. 

Lots of learning ideas for kids in this foam blocks and water sensory play!

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Nest Nature Hunt

We combined science and math by taking the kids on an outdoors nature hunt to find birds' nests! We loved being outside for this part of our homeschooling day.

Add math and science learning together by taking kids on a nature hunt to find and record birds' nests!

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Stamping Shapes in Kinetic Sand

Stamping shapes into kinetic sand is a great opportunity to work on shape identification, count the sides and corners, and compare and contrast the shapes. Our kids loved this hands on fine motor math activity.

A hands on way for kids to learn shapes by stamping them in kinetic sand!

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LEGO Kidsfest Review

By Devany LeDrew | Labels: Be the first to comment!
We had a great time at LEGO Kidsfest in Harrisburg! All shows were sold out so we are happy to report back to those who couldn't make it as well readers who might be considering visiting in other cities.

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Toss the Globe Geography Game

Our new inflatable globe is perfect for this hands on geography game for kids! We love to plan active ways to learn so this gross motor activity definitely was a big success for us.

Teach kids geography in a hands on active way thought this gross motor game!

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Desert Sunset Paintings

Our kids' desert sunset paintings turned out fantastic! They are so proud of their artwork and all they learned about deserts as we worked on this watercolor technique. 

Kids can paint a desert sunset with watercolors

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Find the Letter Snack Sheet for Kids

Kids love snacks! We added a bit of learning to snack time by creating a letter identification sheet that works perfectly with round pretzels.

Letter identification snack sheet for preschool

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