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Play and Learn with Glitter

People seem to either love or hate glitter. Personally, I think everything is better with some sparkle! We're sharing the very best ideas for kids to learn and play with glitter.

Glitter crafts and activities for kids!

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Heart to Heart Journals

I'm so excited to share this idea with you because it's been a beautiful part of my relationship with my daughter and a pinnacle part of our homeschool. We write letters back and forth to each other in the format of a journal. This authentic and meaningful writing practice is as emotional as it is educational. We both LOVE it!

Write letters back and forth to your kids in a journal for meaningful writing practice

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Homeschool Lesson Plan Schedule Check List

We learned right away when we started homeschooling for preschool that we needed a schedule that was flexible. Academics are important to us but they also need to fit well into our day to day family life. This check list has been the best of both worlds and adds responsibility for the kids, too!

How to organize and plan for homeschool subjects

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Super Hero Self Portrait

Super Hero Self Portraits are a creative way to allow kids to become familiar with design elements, technology, story telling, characters, and dialogue! We used an online program to alter our own photos and had so much fun in the process.

Create super hero self portraits using your own images! This is super meaningful writing practice for kids! 
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Felt Apple Pie Making Toy Kit

Fall is in the air! Can you smell the apple pies baking? That was the inspiration for our latest autumn themed busy bag for kids! We made a toy felt apple pie kit.

This felt apple pie busy bag inspires autumn themed pretend play on the go!

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Playful Ways to Learn Alphabet Letters

We've already written about how we don't do letter of the week with our kids. A common question we hear often is then how do we teach the letters of the alphabet? How do our kids practice both letter identification and letter sound relationships in a playful way? We're sharing our favorite ways to play as we learn letters! 

Teach kids letters of the alphabet in a playful and natural way!
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Make Your Own Pasta Salad Bar

Sometimes our cooking with kids ideas are so simple I almost feel guilty calling them recipes. This one is more of an concept since each family member personalizes their own pasta salad at our make your own pasta salad toppings bar! A bit of prep and dinner is ridiculously simple. Kids love mixing their own choices in so this was a huge hit with our whole family!

Each guest can personalize their own dinner with this pasta salad bar! Yum!

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