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Teaching Positional Words with KORXX Cork Building Blocks

By Devany LeDrew | Labels: Be the first to comment!
Kids learn positional words or prepositions primarily through practice. Using fun materials provides a hands on experience while introducing and reviewing how two or more objects relate to each other in positions. The unique properties of KORXX cork building blocks make them a totally new way to play as we learn this new vocabulary!

Teach prepositions or positional words to kids using KORXX cork building blocks!
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Turn Kids Art into Jewelry

Meaningful creations full of memories always make the very best gifts! We had the opportunity to turn our daughter's own drawing into jewelry that we will cherish forever. The process was simple, the quality of the artwork necklace is amazing, and we're all thrilled with the results! We can't wait to tell you more.

This makes a perfect gift! Turn kids' art from a drawing into keepsake one of a kind jewelry!

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Letter Formation with KORXX Cork Building Blocks

KORXX cork building blocks are a favorite for our entire family. These sustainable and eco-friendly toys inspired endless free play and educational opportunities. Cork has natural unique characteristics that allows kids and adults together to build in ways where other blocks literally can't stand up!
Practice literacy with kids in a hands on way by building letters with KORXX cork building blocks

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Pumpkin Name Spelling Activity

There are so many hands on and authentic ways to work with preschool children to learn to spell their names. We added a fall themed twist this time by putting the letters on pumpkins for a free printable you can use at home or in your classroom!
This free pumpkin alphabet letters printable is perfect for practicing name spelling puzzles with preschoolers!

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Ice Cream Name Spelling Puzzles for Kids

Elephant and Piggie books are our absolute favorite series of children's books. Have you read them? Today we're reading the one about friendship and sharing ice cream. We've created a name puzzle activity where kids can work on spelling their own names and their friends' names with ice cream cones!

Kids practice spelling names with ice cream puzzles which include a free printable
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Farm Animal Sorting

Our kids love animals! We worked on early literacy skills, reading, and sorting as we identified which animals live on a farm. You can use this interactive pocket chart activity with children using our free printable.
Farm Animal Sorting Sentences Work on early literacy and reading with this free printable!

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Ten Apples Up On Top Gross Motor Game

When you think of the beginning of the school year, apples immediately come to mind! Preschools have apple themes and everyone loves to count with the book Ten Apples Up On Top. We've extended the math learning in this book by turning it into a gross motor movement activity for kids!

Ten Apples Up On Top Movement Game for Kids This is the perfect gross motor idea for an apple theme in preschool!
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