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Sorting Shapes

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Sorting shapes came about naturally when I dug out some felt shapes made for a felt board.  I thought we could try to sort by shapes, since sorting by colors (with plastic links) was not so successful yet.  And it was a good way for me to refresh my memory about what shapes I had in this pile for seasonal and story telling activities later on.  For example, I need to remember we have a tree with removable fall leaves!

I identified certain shapes, like hearts, and we made piles or rows of each.  E also liked signing the shapes she knew, such as rabbits and birds.

Oh, a match!  These felt shapes are easy to make and great for many math activities (patterns, graphing, sorting).  I think we will be using them a lot as E gets older.

E loves stars!  She can say their name and she also "signs" by pointing to the ceiling, because we used to make stars on the ceiling in her Kindermusik class.  That is one of several signs she adapted or made up on her own.  So she was very excited to find all the stars in our pile.


E's age: 18 months

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  1. Did you make all of these shapes yourself or purchase somewhere?