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Snowman Lunch

When the kids came over for a snowman play date, we had a snowman themed snack and lunch planned.  In both cases, I gave the kids all the ingredients to make snowmen, but it was pretty much a flop.  They just wanted to eat without building.  Then once we modeled it for them E didn't want to eat and essentially "ruin" her snowman so she asked for more food.  

I had some prepped bread left over so the other day, I tried again.  This time I built it for her and presented it to her as a finished product.  

Originally, I thought if I gave the kids the snowman already made, it was not as fun for them because they didn't get to build it.  Just the opposite happened, though.  She ate his raisin eyes, M&M buttons, grape hat, yogurt mouth, and carrot arms and nose.  Then she asked for more to rebuild him!

We talked about how many eyes she'd need, so we were counting.  She liked the buttons to match so she was sorting by color.  She delicately added more yogurt to his mouth, using the spoon like a paintbrush.

In the end, observing her work taught me so much more about how to better present activities in the future in a developmentally appropriate way.

She was so proud of her finished snowman!  She ended up eating more this way.  

E's age: 24 months

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