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Snowman Play Date

E's best friends are all boys.  Yesterday we invited two of them over (along with one's little sister who does a great job keeping up with the "older" kids) for a snow man play date.

 We worked on fine motor skills by playing with "snow" (cotton) balls.

We made our own snowy play dough.  We took a break for a snow man snack.

We created some snow man inspired artwork that ended up somewhat abstract!

And, of course, we got messy in a sensory way!  We ended with a snow man lunch.  I will write about the activities in detail over the next few days.  We are already starting to brain storm ideas for next month to make this a regular event!

Kids' ages: 13 months through 2 1/2 years

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  1. So glad that the snowman playdate went well....sounds like everyone had fun.