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2012 Goals

By Devany | Labels:
These were my 20 goals for 2011.  The following are my goals for 2012.  Pinterest helps a LOT.

1.  Be a better friend.
a.) Listen.
b.) Be selective about who I allow to make up my circle of friends.
c.) Show those who I choose that they are special  regularly.

2. Participate in Kindermusik's Play Dates with Seniors at the local nursing home.
a.) Potentially "adopt" a grandparent.

3. Stretch daily and continue to go to the gym.
a.) Remember NOT to step on the scale.  My focus is on over all health and the stress release of the work out.
b.) Seriously, STRETCH DAILY.

4.  Try 20 recipes from Pinterest.
a.) Cook more with quinoa.

5.  Keep/start writing.
a.)  BLOG
b.) Fiction writing with Kathi?

6.  Plant and maintain a garden.
a.) Garden with Julia.
b.) Salad tables.

7.  Make and try homemade liquid laundry soap (with Alisha).

8.  Seriously consider selling Scentsy.

9.  Get hair professionally cut at least once.

11.  Make shade out of mini-blind for our bathroom.

12.  Get more family photos framed and hung around the house.

13.  Donate items to a local pet shelter.  
a.) Consider volunteering in some way if it works with our schedule.

14.  Take E to spend several days with my parents (without us there).

15.  Create more photo books
a.) Recipe book with my mother-in-law.
b.) Finish E's first year book.
c.) Make one for V.
d.) Plan how to organize these moving forward (by calendar year?  by event?)

16.  Sew.
a.) Stop being intimidated.
b.) Find a sewing mentor.
c.) Try to complete 5 simple machine sewn projects.

17.  Visit friends/family in Pittsburgh.

18.  Visit friends in Connecticut.

19. Complete fabric project for kitchen.

20.  Honor Violet's memory.
a.) Zumba Fitness Class.
b.) Wristbands.
c.) Being an active part of bereaved parent community.
d.) Tattoo.


  1. I love number 1 and I have to employ that one too, quinoa rocks, liquid laundry soap is easy and really saves $$ and if you learn/find someone to teach you to show -- please show me! I have a sewing machine rotting away in my garage! And I'm happy to visit friends in Pittsburgh with you :-)