The Meaning Behind Still Playing School | Still Playing School

The Meaning Behind Still Playing School

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Day 2: The meaning behind your blog name

When I was little, we used to play school in my basement.  I had a big chalkboard on the wall and desks for my two students, who were by younger brother and my dad.  My dad would purposely spell words wrong on tests and generally be a not-so-great student.  As I grew up to become a kindergarten teacher, I joked that he prepared me for the really difficult students by increasing my patience at my first teaching job.

"Still Playing School" has two meanings.  One is that I am still playing school, but now with E instead of my dad and brother.  The other meaning is to point out how even when we are still playing, we are learning.  I am playing (or experimenting) with my role as her mother and first teacher.  She is playing as she engages in the activities I set before her with educational purposes in mind.  

We have so much fun together.  She's not as difficult as Gramps was as a student, or at least she isn't yet.

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