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Pinterest Overview

By Devany | Labels:

I've had several friends and family members ask me how to use Pinterest.  I have jokingly offered to hold workshops since it is one of my latest addictions.  Instead, in all seriousness, I will attempt to give you an overview of Pinterest here.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board.  Have you ever bookmarked an idea you found on the internet, like a recipe or a craft tutorial? Once you needed the bookmark you would have to sort through a list of URLs to find the one you wanted.  Instead, by using Pinterest, you can bookmark websites using images and organize them into boards by category.  Above you can see I have preschool, baby, food, and much more!

Here is a summary of my Preschool board, where I pin ideas that I would like to do with E or while teaching.  I also pin my own ideas from my blog here to share with others on Pinterest.  I'm a visual person so seeing pictures of what I have pinned reminds me of what I intended to cook, create, or do.

When you go into one of my boards, each idea/bookmark has an image, a short description, and the website address where if came from.  If you click on the image, it will take you back to the website that originally posted the image.

There is so much more I could talk about:  how to get started on Pinterest, how to organize your boards, how to create new pins for ideas you find online, how to navigate and browse Pinterest for new ideas, how to draw more traffic to your own blog using Pinterest.  Please leave me a comment letting me know if there is interest in me writitng more about Pinterest here!


  1. YES! Please do! I'm new to Pinterest and would love to know how to get started and organized.

  2. I have signed up for Pinterest but am intimidated by the whole thing. Can you make your pinboards private? Like, I want to organise all my wedding plans, but I don't necessarily want anyone else to see them and it seems like a very social site. And for some reason it posts to my Facebook.