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Gardening Starts

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Here we are, ready to start planting seeds.  This year I am splitting my efforts between the salad tables my dad made us last year, the container gardening I usually do, and the new garden plot that I am splitting with my neighbor/friend, Julia.

My salad tables look like this, but lower.  They are the perfect height for E to help me water, plant, and harvest.

Here is her Little People farmer helping me last year.

This weekend I planted radishes, leaf lettuce, and spinach.  I'll do a few more rows of each in about two weeks to stagger the harvests.  I also started tomato seeds indoors.


  1. Awwww...the salad table returns. It must truly be spring. Dad will be proud.

  2. <3 I had that Little People farmer and cow when I was small. Love the idea of salad tables, I have to see how Em and I do on our containers this year before i start planting edibles :)

    1. What are you trying in containers? I container garden edibles and have had success for years! I love it!

  3. I love this! Mom and Dad are starting a garden outside. Maybe pictures later?