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Everything E Says

By Devany | Labels:
Recording everything E says for 20 minutes:

(to baby doll)
"Pink milk."
"Peepee?  Yes."
"Mutti's house." (Mutti is her grandmother)
"More?  Hmm?  Juice?  Hmm?  Pink milk?  Yes.  Pink chips!  Yes, pink chips!"
"Yes, pink chips, Baby Vi." (she has named all of her baby dolls after her baby sister)

(Found a piece of dyed pasta outside)
"Mommy!  Uh oh!"

(playing with water beads)
"Uh, oh."
(throws one)
"Sorry, Momma."
(imitating me yelling at her for thowing one)
"Uh, oh."
"Uh, oh."
"I got it."

(watching the Scentsy of the Month video with me on Youtube)
"I see?"
"Ice cream cone!"
"Look, Momma, pink!"

(back to water beads)

(looking at bird feeder)
"Eat.  Eat, eat, Momma."

(sees a chair)
"I sit."
"Help, Momma."
(I accidentally put the chair on her foot)
"I sit right here."
"Baby Vi, binky."

(back to water beads)
"Uh, oh, Momma."
"Pick up."
"No, you do it."
(I explain if she won't pick up the ones she spills herself, we need to put the sensory bin away)
"Yes, play."

(back to baby doll)
"Sit, Nana's house?  Yes."
"Buh-bye.  Nana's house.  Mommy Nana's house.  Daddy, Nana's house.

(notices Daddy is home from work)
"Daddy home!!!!"

(end scene)

I highly recommend doing this regularly with your child without them knowing.  Stick the notes in a baby book!


  1. Like! Thumbs up! I wish I had a transcript from my 16 year old when he was just at the beginning stages of building language. Heck, maybe I should record him for 20 minutes now! E is so, so sweet. I love that she calls all of her dolls Baby Vi.