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More Than Neighbors...

By Devany | Labels:
I want to get into writing something that I think about often.  I've told you this before, but we really love our neighbors.

We moved in around the same time several years ago, but until last year when we started talking regularly, we didn't even realize that we had kids 4 months apart in age.  Now, they are inseparable.

I once overheard two friends (who were also next door neighbors) talking.  One told the other that if they weren't home yet when the neighbor arrived at her house to let herself in the back and start making coffee.  I remember wondering what it would be like to have a neighbor that was that much of a friend as well.  Now I know and I am thankful each and every time I see them.  Going from not having that relationship and wanting it to having it become a reality makes it even better.

I don't let people into my close circle of friends easily, especially this past year.  Somehow even during the hard times lately, Julia knew when to ask the right questions, say the right things, when to stop by and when to keep walking, and most importantly, how to send me an email before bed that would have me laughing out loud two houses over.  She seamlessly merged into my life as I was shutting people out because of my grief.  She just fits there.  

I can't say enough about how much Julia has done for me (and us).  She is one of those people who is constantly doing something so simple, yet thoughtful, that you find yourself wondering, "What can I do so she feels the same way? What can I do to make ANYone feel that special?" She gave E an insect place mat for trick or treat, remembering her bug obsession. She suggested and let me sample sleepy time tea when I had insomnia before and after my pregnancy with V. She brought a meal after we were released from the hospital when V was born. She sold so many tickets for our raffle for V's fundraiser. She has offered margaritas on the porch after the kids are in bed when I wasn't pregnant and (since she was one of the first to know about our rainbow) she now brings freshly brewed iced green tea over when she watched the kids while I dig maternity clothes out of my garage. Then she brings over a few more flowing shirts of her own so that I can have something different to wear this pregnancy. She was the one I called when we had to run in for a spur of the moment ultrasound for this baby, thinking it wasn't a viable pregnancy, but instead my husband and I saw the flickering heart beat together because E was being watched by a neighbor I love and trust and could call at the drop of a hat.

She's everything a friend should be and I appreciate that so much at this point in my life.  The fact that she lives so close is just a bonus.

Thank you, Julia.


  1. OH! I love that. I have a REALLY good friend that managed to fit right in the spot I needed when I was carrying my Jamie!

    And I swear, I have a photo of my 15 yr old (then 2-3 yrs old) with our neighbor's little girl wrapped up in his arms. The memories came whooshing back!!!!

  2. Oh you are too kind, this brings tears to my eyes! I love that we are neighbors and I'm grateful that I finally have one of 'those' neighbors that everyone else seems to have.

  3. I think I know who the coffee-making neighbors are ;)Sglad Julia is RIGHT THERE to take care of you.

  4. That is something so rare and amazing!!! Thankful you have both a great friend and close neighbor. What a blessing that has been I'm sure!