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Farm Theme Summary

By Devany | Labels:

My intention for each homeschool preschool theme that we study is to have a science/social studies starting point.  I will weave literacy and math into each concept.

My goals for our farm theme were for E to learn:
- Animals that live on a farm
- Some tasks that take place on a farm
- The names of some baby farm animals (piglet, chick, duckling, calf)
- What products we get from some specific farm animals (milk, eggs, wool)  She also added that she thinks we get candy from the bunnies we saw at the fair! (Relating this to the Easter Bunny, I imagine.)

We started  off with a trip to the county fair.  From this visit, we made a predictable text book.

We found farm themed computer games to play and farm videos to watch together.

We made a farm sensory bin with coffee grounds.  Farmers get up early, right?

We read farm themed fiction and non-fiction books.

We played our This Little Piggy board game, learning to take turns and win and lose.

We tried to make these adorable Cheerio snack sheep, but it was a fail of Pinstrosity proportions.  Luckily, my girl is not yet a food critic and we still had fun making them!  

We sorted animals by size and did a worksheet where we colored baby animals to match their mommas.


  1. I loved reading your farm goals! It made me feel simultaneously (1) stimulated to answer the questions myself ("DUCKLING!! GOSLING!! BEEF!! BACON!!") and (2) stimulated to do the same set of goals with a child. I think I would enjoy the outings with the kids so much more if I came up with things like that ahead of time.

  2. Agriculture projects and kids just go together! This looks like a fantastic field trip <3