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Perfection in Paint

By Devany | Labels:
My brother (who is also one of my best friends) and parents came out to see us today.  A few weeks ago, he had told me that he had commissioned a painting for us in memory of Violet from the talented Samantha Shannon, an artist he knows.

At the time, I was touched that he would think to do something like this for us.  I also welcomed the anticipation of receiving the gift, much like I did when Jamie's Butterfly Kisses was working on our quilt for Violet. It's hard to explain, but knowing something representing our girl is in the works or on its way to us is comforting to me.

When I opened it, tears came immediately because I can't quite put into words the perfection of it.  The rainbow, the flower, the silver and font of her name, the fact that her birthday is represented because she lived.  She was born.  If I was talented enough to paint, I couldn't have designed this better myself as her mother.  It encompasses all of her being in a way I can't explain.  When I look at it, I just see her.

Perhaps part of what makes it so special is that these unique gifts are pieces of her that continue to fill our home and hearts.  A bit of her to add, to see as we go about our daily lives without her.  We can't take any more pictures or form any more memories with her so these representations replace those in a way.

When someone else thinks to make or find or get one for us because they miss and love her, too, well that's just the best gift of all.  Thank you, Uncle Andy, Nana, and Gramps.


  1. You are very brought tears to our eyes when we first saw it also. It truly represents our little Violet. Thank you for putting our love for her into art, Samantha. We will always be grateful.

  2. It really is absolutely perfect. Glad you like it so much. Again, thanks to Samantha. It was so nice seeing and spending the day with you guys. I love all of you very much!

  3. I love this painting. It's just gorgeous and pure and beautiful. It is joyful and bright. I can't say it enough. What a meaningful gift.