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A Morning With E

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E had to get a flu shot this morning, so I bribed her with a trip to Chocolate World after.  She had me laughing at the doctor's office because she didn't cry when she got her shot, she just said a very annoyed, "Ouuuuuuuuuch!"

Then on the drive to Chocolate World she decided she didn't want to go because of the part of the tour where you go through the warm oven.  I told her that getting a shot was much worse than that and she was brave for that part of the day!  I can't believe she didn't flinch at her vaccination, but I had to talk her into going to Chocolate World.

She also got a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie with sprinkles there.  I love my days with her!

Conversations in the car:
Me:  "Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?"
E: "Baby D! (pause) And Daddy and Momma and baby Vi."
Me:  "Ok, what about your friends?"
E: "A and N (our neighbors) and their mommies and daddies."
Me: "Anyone else?"
E: "X and Nannie and Pappy.  Mutti."
Me: "What about E and I?"
E: "Yes! And Caillou and Leo."
Me: "They are cartoons."
E: "Yes."

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  1. She's so cute! Funny how Chocolate World NEVER gets old, and is always a good bribe! T has been begging to go there, and we were JUST there!