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Emerging Writing

E came downstairs this morning with a note she had written for my parents who live on the other side of the state.

I had her "read" me what she had written so I could underwrite.

This was an exciting development for many reasons:

- It was completely independent and self motivated work.

- E has internalized and been inspired by a lot of modeled reading and writing behavior.  My parents regularly write to her and send her packages in the mail.  She sees me writing notes and lists often.  She helps me write on her projects, adding meaningful text to birthday cards and helping me determine the initial sounds of words as I write them for her.

- I could pinpoint her stage of independent writing.  She is creating scribbles moving from left to write horizontally across the page.  Her "signature" shows some mock letters in her name.  (Sometimes her independent E has more than three lines to it.)

- She saw my enthusiasm over this note.  I underwrote, took a picture, and showed her how I am emailing it to her grandparents.  (You can see where I started to rip the note out of her notebook to mail it, but she protested.)  She then went on to write more letters for a good portion of an hour, dictating out loud who she was writing to and what she was saying to them.  I wish I had recorded this because it was priceless! She was "writing" too fast for me to keep up with her ideas.  When she saw me blogging about this, she decided to get her play laptop and camera so she could "take pictures on the 'puter and write" there, too.

E's age: 3 years, 1 month

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