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Easter Fun with Window Markers

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It snowed again yesterday.  It seems like spring will never arrive weather wise, even though the calendar says it's here!  I can't wait to get out to playground and use our double stroller, but it's just not time yet.

To brighten up our day, we got out our Crayola window markers.  I drew eggs and we decorated them together.

It was nice to be in the natural light, even if the sun wasn't shining and it wasn't warm.  E noticed that the zig zags I drew on my Easter egg goes "down, up, down, up" like the letter W.

E loves Easter because she is a bit obsessed with bunnies.  They are her favorite animal!

As a surprise, I used the same markers to draw a bunny face on the bathroom mirror for her to find when she washed her hands!

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  1. I'm so with you on feeling like it will never warm up!! Love E's bunny face, adorable!