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Making Writing Meaningful

Since I last wrote about E's writing development, she's really taken an interest!  I wish we could take credit for anything new that she is doing, but this is almost completely self motivated.  

She constantly has a writing implement and some sort of paper in her hands.  We have made those available to her at all times (at least until D is mobile).  We've purchased new markers for her in 36! colors.  She's moved on from scribbling to writing random letters and letter like forms.

We do continue to show her meaningful ways to use writing.  She knows that we use lists, recipes, letters, and cards as a few examples.  This has piqued her interest about creating her own writing.  

You can see here how I started the birthday card for her.  She wrote her own H under mine, but decided not to trace Nana's name.

On the inside, she told me what to draw.  After the first cat, I drew the second, but asked her to finish the details of the face.  She then scribble wrote a note to Nana.  I underwrote.

She takes paper and a pen to bed with her some nights.  It's pretty adorable.


  1. That's great! It's so fun seeing them develop. Olivia has really been imitating her older siblings & loves to "write/draw". She calls it "O-A" right now, not sure yet what she means by it except we've been working on the letters in her name which include an o & a. She also seems to be favoring her left hand, will be curious to see if that is her writing hand. She'd be my 1st lefty!

  2. And may I add that she does a wonderful job on the cards and that Nana appreciates and cherishes hers.