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New Show & Tell Feature

By Devany | Labels:
Imagine gathering your closest friends all together in one room.  How would you introduce them and encourage them to mingle?  You'd probably start by putting together those who have things in common.  Would you avoid partnerships where your friends are starkly different in vital ways?

Lifestyle choices.

It's the things that we have in common with others that draw us together, then the differences between us that teach us the most.

Facebook and Twitter are interesting in this way because our friends (who may or may not know each other) can comment on things we post.  We can debate, like, and discuss topics that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to discuss in person.

I'm going to use Still Playing School over the next several months to introduce you to women in my life who inspire me.  I decided to narrow it down to women (for now) so that they will all have at least this in common as we discuss the ways we are all different.
I wanted to spread the word about those who have businesses, blogs, and projects that I admire.
I wanted to give women who don't blog a platform to share their stories with my readers.
I want to compare and contrast our characteristics.
I want to dig deeper into what draws us to people, what changes friendships, and what solidifies them.

I still feel like I'm not explaining this feature in it's whole capacity, but I'm sure it will take on a life of it's own when it begins.

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