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Spring Craft at Five Stone Kids

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Five Stone Kids is one of our favorite hang outs!  E can play to her heart's content, D chills watching the big kids, then takes a nap, and I can make a few (uninterrupted!) phone calls, nurse D in a comfy chair, then join in the play!

I've recently been doing a monthly weekend craft there which is included with your admission.  This weekend we had quite a few crafters.  We made Happy Hooligans' rockin' birdies!

It was so interesting to me that the older crafters made 3D birds with an eye on either side of the head, while the younger crafters made 2D birds with the faces all on one side!

I'm so excited about all the ways we will be working with Five Stone Kids in the near future.

Photo credits to my BFF, Susie, since my husband was ready with his camera but (ahem) the battery died.

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  1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you shared this with your group! It's neat, isn't it, how the 2's and 3's are so different in the way that they perceive perspective and faces and whatnot. I love to see that develop as they get older! Thanks for linking back to me!