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Cowie's Accident

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Have I really never introduced you to Cowie?  That's astonishing.  Cowie is E's go-everywhere-with-us lovey.  Cowie has such a rich history, all created by E.  For example, she told the owner of Five Stone Kids that Cowie's grandparents are Scandinavian.

Sometimes Cowie is E's baby, sometimes she is four (older enough to be admirable, but still young enough to be a playmate), and often Cowie is a "brone-up" who retaliates when I reprimand E.  If I tell her she can't sit in D's bouncy seat because she is too big, she'll say, "Weeeeeeeeeeeeell (a la Antoine Dodson), Cowie has a pink and purple bouncy seat and YOU can't sit in IT."

The other day, Cowie fell down the steps.  E applied about 20 band aids and I let her, thankful for the distraction and fine motor practice it provided her.

What I failed to realize is that band aids are NOT the same as stickers (which Cowie has had applied and removed more times that I can count).

I tried to pull the band aids off gently, but I quickly realized that Cowie would be left with a Brazilian.  I had to carefully pull back the band aids and cut them off.

This was my progress halfway through.  E noticed around this time and was very concerned about the fur that Cowie was losing.  She decided that Cowie needed a break.  Thankfully Mr. SPS took over when he got home and finished the job.  Cowie is fully recovered now, but get well cards can continue to be sent c/o E.


  1. Dear Cowie,
    I hope you recover well. I hope your accident wasn't too traumatic. Much love, Sheepy (Nathan's sheep)

    1. I think we also own Sheepy's cousin: Lamby! The names are so original, aren't they?

  2. Love this update of the beloved Cowie.