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E & Mommy Library Book Review - Part 1

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We were at the library for story time last week so I chose a week's worth of books at random to check out.  Each night E picks one for us to read (along with some of our favorites from her collection at home).  Here are our thoughts on them!

The Colors of the Rainbow - Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Comparing the differences of people to the colors of the rainbow, this Let's Talk About It book inspired conversation.  We discussed how people can look and act and dress differently (like D's "orange" hair) before we were in the awkward situation of her bringing it up in public.  Now when she inevitably does, I can remind her of this book!

My favorite part: From clothing worn, holidays celebrated, languages spoken, to skin color, I loved the examples this book gave.  Every page sparked something we could discuss, like how E's uncle is bilingual because he is from Turkey.

E's favorite part: "The haircut page!"

Still Playing School grade: B+

Everett the Incredibly Helpful Helper - Sue Ann Morrow

Everett thinks he is helping his parents, but he is really making more work wherever he goes!  Sound familiar?  This book has a super realistic story line with cute colored pencil illustrations.  (On the last page the mommy was reading a book to the preschooler while the daddy rubbed her feet and, I kid you not, we were doing the exact same thing!)

My favorite part: I liked discussing real life lessons as Everett made his messes.  "Uh, oh, do you think he should just grab things in the grocery store or ask his daddy first?"

E's favorite part: "The grocery store!"

Still Playing School grade: B

The Thingamabob - Il Sung Na

The elephant isn't quite sure what this umbrella is so he tries lots of activities and asks his friends before he figures out!  I found myself making sound effects for almost every page, which is not something I typically do while reading, but the book was that much fun!

My favorite part:  The illustrations of the different umbrellas on the inside cover.  They are from the top down perspective, so it took E a minute to figure out what they were.  We had fun choosing our favorite umbrellas!

E's favorite part: "The animals coming to him."

Still Playing School grade: A

What Do Bunnies Do All Day -

Have you ever spent a whole day on an adventure with your preschooler, only to have them tell someone later that they did, "Nothing," all day?  Little Bunny is the same way.  He ventures out for the first time without his momma, attempting to find our what his kind should be doing all day, all the while doing precisely what a bunny does all day.

My favorite part: I am partial to when he returns to Mother Bunny, of course!  The illustrations are whimsical, too.

E's favorite part: "The flowers!"

Still Playing School grade: C

Well Done - Richard Morgan

Confession:  I didn't read this one to E.  Mr. SPS did.  I just called him to ask what his favorite part was and he said, "I didn't like any of it.  It was entirely too young for E.  It was beneath her comprehension level.  I should have read it to D.  If it was our book, I would put it in the recycling." Well, then.

My favorite part:  It would be great to spark discussions about independence, probably, but not according to Mr. SPS.

E's favorite part: "He washing his hands!"

Still Playing School grade: A scathing, resounding F from Mr. SPS

Dear Bunny - A Bunny Love Story - Michaela Morgan

I...found myself really struggling to follow this story line.  The bunnies are writing love notes to each other, but do they know each other?  They are addressing each other by name...so?  Have they met?  They put the notes in a hollow log (The same hollow log, so why doesn't the second bunny get the first bunny's note when she puts her note in?), mice go to nest in the log, ripping up the notes.  When they mice realize what they've done, they feel remorseful so they put together a kidnapper-style note or found poetry or what have you for the bunnies from the two destroyed letters.  I am also bothered that the female bunny's note says that the flowers are tender and then again that they have exceptional tenderness.  Redundant, Bunny!

My favorite part: When the horribly written notes get ripped up.  KIDDING!

E's favorite part:  "The hearts!" (Spoiler Alert: The bunnies fall in love and there are hearts!)

Still Playing School grade: D

In the Trees, Honey Bees - Lori Mortensen

This book is poetry written about honey bees with elaborated facts included on each page.   I would highly recommend this for later elementary grades, not only to teach about bees (it's effective for that, even at E's age) but because it would be fun to pick a subject and write about it in the same style! 

My favorite part:  Factual poetry!

E's favorite part:  "They get flowers!"

Still Playing School grade:  A

My overall favorite book: The Thingamabob for the preschool level, but In the Trees, Honey Bees is a close runner up.

E's overall favorite book:  Everett the Incredibly Helpful Helper because "he makes the mess!"

What's your favorite children's book that you've read lately?
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  1. My E has been going through Berenstain Bears books like crazy. We recently brought home New Neighbors, which brings up similar talking points to The Colors of the Rainbow. (Remind me to bring that home!) We also found I Wish My Brother Was a Dog, and it's pretty parallel to E's experience with a baby brother running around ruining his stuff all the time. :)

    My youngest adores My Car by Byron Barton, as did my oldest at this age.

    1. I think we'll need the baby brother one as soon as D gets mobile!