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Napping On Vacation With My Girl

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On vacation, life slowed.  We had time to break from routine.  Our family shared a room with two double beds.  Typically at night, E slept with Mr. SPS while D slept with me.

We all nap in the afternoons on most days.  One day after the beach, D was sleeping in his bouncy seat, so E crawled into bed with me.  I savored her closeness which is all to rare these days.  Her body is growing and busy, with hardly time to stop and snuggle unless she is sleepy.

I felt her move and shift against me as she did while she was in my belly growing.  I listened to the rhythm of her breathing.  I smelled the sun on her hair and skin.  I couldn't imagine life getting much better than this.

It was so comforting to have us all in the same room.  I found myself thinking about the way culture and society has separated us into compartments in our own homes.  I believe there is a time when children will need their own space for play and sleep, but perhaps when their bodies and minds and emotions are still growing so rapidly, they would sleep better near us.  Maybe we would sleep better, too.

I'm not sure I could tolerate this arrangement permanently at home, but vacation sure had me considering it.  It felt so good to have them all close.

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  1. Every year we take our oldest son overnight to a hotel with an indoor waterpark. My husband and I argue over who gets to sleep with which kid that night, because I always want to sleep with the birthday boy. Because, one of these years, he will be rejecting the idea your thoughts on society separating parents from their babies.