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Splat Studio Preschool Summer Camp

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We've been in love with Splat Studio since we first tried an Art of Reading class when E was barely two.  In late 2012, Splat Studio officially moved to their new location.  We are ecstatic to have this family art studio  in our community and will be taking advantage of this as both kids grow older!

This summer, E is enrolled in Splat Studio's preschool summer camps.  This was perfect timing, as recently she's been asking us about mixing colors:

E: "Momma, what is blue and green and yellow?"
Me: "Um, brown."

E: "Daddy, what if we mix red and purple and black and pink?"
Mr. SPS: "That would probably give us a gross brown color."
E: "Why everything make brown, brown, brown?"

We've assured her that not all colors mixed together make brown.  We've encouraged her to experiment with paint mixing so she can discover the results on her own.  We've started to say, "We'll have to try it and find out!"  But even better is sending her to a real art studio where she can ask an artist, be an artist, and experiment with color all summer long!

The first visit was red day.  Did I mention that this was the FIRST time I was dropping E off somewhere and leaving (other than leaving her with friends and family)?  She was a bit unsure about staying by herself (and I was emotional) while D and I went grocery shopping, but she was super excited about her all red outfit.  

Once we arrived, she saw the red themed snack, red materials to write and draw with, and a friendly face in one of the helpers.  She didn't mind anymore as we slipped out to run our errands!  

When I picked her up, she was still smiling!  She had a red collage and painting to take home with her.  

It's very difficult to get reliable information from a preschooler regarding what happened during their day.  This was a skill I worked on daily with my kindergarteners.  Even so, E was able to tell me a bit about the story that they read and that red could mean love or anger.

I was ecstatic to get more details on Splat's Facebook page.  The children had worked on cutting and tearing paper for the collages, dabbing and sweeping with their paintbrushes, and yes, MIXING colors.  They used white and red to make pink and E was in heaven.

Thank you so much, Splat Studio, for another wonderful art experience for my girl.  We look forward to the whole summer and exploring the rest of the color spectrum with you!


We were not compensated for this review in any way.  We chose to enroll in the class and shared our experiences because we love Splat and all they have to offer!  

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