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The Cape May County Zoo's Wish List

By Devany | Labels:

The Cape May County Zoo is an annual highlight on our beach vacation for me.  I'll never forget our first visit when we heard the lion roar and I felt the bass in my chest!  The animals are amazing, the grounds are impeccable, and we always witness the animals in some behaviors that we've never seen before.  I think it's because they are very well taken care of and enriched at this zoo.

This year I followed the zoo on Facebook so I saw a post about their Amazon Wishlist.  The list was informative, explaining why and how they could use certain items.  It was the perfect way for us to give back and support one of our favorite zoos since admission is free at this non-profit.

First, we looked through our home for stuffed animals and blankets in good condition that we could donate.  We also found  spices in our cabinet that we no longer needed which the zoo can use for scent enrichment in the cat enclosures.  Then, my mother-in-law purchased some of the parrot toys from the wish list.  Finally, E and I went to our local craft store to pick out paint and canvases for the animals to create masterpieces which they auction off to raise money for animal enrichment.  We rounded out our donations with some bubble solution and bubble blowing gun.

E was thrilled to pack a gift bag of presents for the animals!

D was not perplexed by the gift giving.  He was just hot.

We arrived for our visit and met with Kim, a zoo keeper.  Not only did we get to personally deliver the gifts to her, but she also allowed us to give them to the animals!

First she blew bubbles for some of the DeBrazza's monkeys, Fry and his sister, Tot.  

They were adorable to watch!  They were so interested, then a bubble would pop and startle them!

Next, she hung the parrot toys in two lucky birds' cages.  The recipients were Poppy, a Sun Conure and Brutus, the African Gray.


Other unforgettable moments this year include watching Roxy and Cody, the black bear siblings, wrestle over who was allowed to cool off in the pool...

...and watching a giraffe drop a leaf it was eating.  It bent as low as it could with its legs, then used its long tongue to pick the treat back up!

E enjoyed reading the map, then taking it home to make notes on it.  

If you visit the Cape May Zoo, please consider checking out their wish list as well as making your monetary donations.  We already look forward to bring them more treats next year!

(I apologize that this was so picture heavy, but I couldn't choose just a few!)

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