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Home School Word Wall

We love to create tiny nooks of home school curriculum around our home.  Here is one way we fit in a literacy resource for early reading and writing by creating our homemade word wall!

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We've used these $1 pocket charts from Target to sort so many things but we've also used one for our home school word wall.  The pocket chart is hung on the side of our kitchen island with 3M Command hooks that will be easy to remove later. You could also use this table top pocket chart but we love that this is permanently out of the way and at our daughter's eye level.

I can change the cards to fit our school topics or her interests. The cards shown here are family and friends' names with a few other words she's asked for us to spell often.  The names are very useful when she is making a card or writing a letter!

You could alternatively list names and words next to pictures and glue the cards into a file folder but I personally like how E can remove and return these cards to the pocket chart.  She also enjoys sorting our family members by attributes like where we live or gender!

Since the cards all have pictures she can "read" them to find the name she wants to write.  She loves the independence and I love the reading and writing involved for her!

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