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Lancaster Creative Reuse Center

By Devany | Labels:
Lancaster Creative Reuse is a glittered gem of creativity in our community.  They are a project of the Keystone Art & Culture Center non-profit out of Lancaster.  I first discovered the LCR when a friend liked them on Facebook.  I had never heard of a reuse center, so I had to dig a bit deeper to see what they were all about.

The more I discovered, the more I fell in love.  The store meets several of our needs:

- It's a place to go to search for, find, and purchase creative craft and project items.  Inventory is an eclectic mix of traditional craft supplies, recycled materials, and other excess products from building companies and classrooms, for example.

- We can donate items to be used for projects.  I have a hard time parting with anything that I imagine can be useful with a bit of creativity, even if I myself do not currently possess the needed skills or time to transform the item into something artistic. Now I put items in a box for the LCR and I drop off the goodies the next time we stop by.  If you'd like to donate, please check the donations tab on their website to read what they currently do and do not accept!

- For $2 E (and I) can create to her heart's content at the open craft table.  They have many more supplies than we could ever contain at home and they are sorted in the most organized way.  This is the perfect spot for a artsy play date.  Bring your child to complete home and public school projects without having to gather materials around your house.  (Psst, all summer long, the craft table is free on Fridays from 10 am - 2pm.)  There is also a small kitchen play set next to the craft table for younger siblings or for when attention wanes.

- LCR's inspiring ideas reminds me that we need to return soon for a shopping/crafting session!  They are full of great crafty ideas on their Pinterest page.  They regularly update their Facebook page showcasing interesting supplies complete with clever captions. When you head over to like them, please post a note to let them know that SPS sent you!

- Many cute incidents happened during our visit:

An volunteer's son (who was a bit older than E) helped her browse for something to transform into a coffee coaster for Mr. SPS for Father's Day.  Their back and forth conversation was darling, including a debate about the logistics of using textured tile to securely hold his coffee mug and what type of markers E should use to personalize the gift.

When I asked if there was a private room for me to nurse a much distracted D, they suggested I use their staff break room.  Upon hearing that I was headed that way, a charming gentleman volunteer explained that he needed to get his tea out of the room first.  "I'm still nursing too," he joked, "but there is a bit more sugar in mine."  I stumbled into a breastfeeding friendly facility with staff that made us feel so welcome!

We will be visiting again regularly.  We can't recommend the Lancaster Creative Reuse Center enough!


  1. Have you checked out Art of Recycle in Ephrata?

    It's a magical wonderland of recycled materials complete with a puppet stage and a craft castle. I took my kids there and they didn't want to leave :-)

  2. aw, that is so cool! I love creative reuse centers!

  3. Thanks for the information, Devany! You were the one who introduced me to the Re:Create Arts Initiative in Lebanon...I love to donate extra craft supplies from my clients there, but Lancaster may be closer for some. I love to recycle and not let good supplies go to waste.