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Three Easy Ways to Follow the Blogs You Love

By Devany | Labels:
This topic is inspired by a reader's email:  How can I make sure I get all of your updates when you write?

Some of you are veteran blog followers who had full RSS feeds and just made the switch from Google Reader (RIP) to where?  Please tell me in the comments!

And some of you, like the friend who asked the question, are new to following blogs.  Maybe you started reading Still Playing School because you know us and so you are old school checking back periodically, sometimes missing posts.

There are three easy ways that you can follow SPS to get updates:

1.  If you are on Facebook, you can like Still Playing School's Facebook page.  I post there every time I publish, but the trick with Facebook is that you will only see 100% of these updates from SPS if you are active with us.  This means the more you like and comment on our posts, the more Facebook will show you from us.  If you don't like and comment, Facebook decides you don't want to see as much of us and they hide most of our updates from your feed.  I always make sure to like as much as I can from the Facebook page of our CSA, for example, because I want to see each and every item that they post on Facebook in my feed.

2.  You can subscribe to us via email.  In the right hand side bar, you can type in your email to get a message every time we publish a new post.

3.  If you have multiple blogs that you love to follow, you can start using a RSS feed reader.  I use Feedly.  You create an account, add the blogs you follow, and when you check back in to the site (or use the app) all of the updates that you want to read will be ready and waiting for you!  

You can choose which way works for you or use a combination of the three!  If you are a regular reader, how do you make sure you get SPS's latest posts so that you don't miss these adorable faces?

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