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Violet's Story: One Last Hopeful Weekend

By Devany | Labels:
Before we know a baby's gender I always feel that it's a bit tricky for me to complete the bond.  They are a bit of a mystery before that, but the gender and a name help me solidify everything and imagine the little person we'll soon meet.  With Violet's pregnancy, we found out that she was a girl on the same day we found out that she was not healthy.  I came home from our anatomy scan that Friday feeling more alienated from her than I did before we knew she was a girl.  I felt that maybe deciding on a name would help.

My best friend from childhood, Vickie, came to stay with us that weekend.  Together we measured the nursery and baby furniture, scaling everything down to graph paper to figure out how it would all fit in such a tiny room.  After Violet's diagnosis, the room would lay dormant, empty and untouched until we were expecting Daniel.  But for a few days it was comforting that we imagined her in that room and planned for a rainbow themed nursery, searching Etsy for handmade baby items.

E was playing with an alphabet app on my phone (Of course she was!) and when she pressed the V, it said, "V is for Violet."  I had considered some girl names that started with a V but I'm not sre I had included Violet.


"What about Violet?" I asked Mr. SPS.  He agreed!  We had our girl's name.  Violet.  She would have my middle name, too.  Violet Marie.


  1. One thing that I really love about the name Violet is that it is also a colour. I strongly associate a specific colour with my children. S is orange. V is green. T is blue and E has been pink from the moment we knew she was a girl. Pink has been for Eva, always. I love that violet is always for Violet. It's like a little secret message between you and her when you're out and about...a hint of Violet. And then there's the flower too...well, suffice to say I love love love the name Violet. In fact is was on our list for Eva...

    1. Once again, you know me so well, friend! This is exactly why I love her name (and color and flower, too) but it was completely unintentional when I thought of her name. It's perfect, though, just like she turned out to be!

  2. I love to see this, and enjoy every moment of Violet you have shared with me, through this blog and in personal conversation. Thank you for sharing her. I will honestly tell you that I haven't looked at the color purple in the same way, and there have even been times I have thought of your little angel in my everyday life. Like the other day when I was at Hersheypark and happened to walk past a "livestrong" type bracelet laying on the ground. It was glowing purple....I won't lie, I picked it up and took it with me.....only to later find out (once in our van away from the sun) that it turns white when in the shade and purple when in sunlight. It was almost as if Violet was saying hello to me in her own special way, even though I have never met her, it felt like she wanted me to know she accepted me into your circle of friends. I would have it no other way....and can't wait to physically show you this wonderous little gift I found in my travels.